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May 2013

As a young boy I loved Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books. From the escapades of young Indiana Jones to R.L. Stine's Give Yourself Goosebumps series I ate up just about every one of those stories and did all I could to earn every

Immersion: one of the biggest key elements to any video game. Without it, the feel of escaping to a new world from one that is tedious is non-existant. It was what was missing from 2010's Metro 2033, a decent first-person

With Blueonic on vacation, King Baby Duck brings in two friends to geek out about two things the Bastards haven't really touched on in awhile: anime and ponies! Anime Jam Session's DJ Ranma Satome and Scarlet Rhapsody's Scarlet Prettycure Skype

Uniqueness comes few and far between in the mobile world. These days every company is doing a runner, whether it's something like a swipe and move like Subway Surfers and Temple Run or a side-scroller like GrimJoggers and Burt Destruction.

Like most of you out there I was taken aback by Techland's Dead Island when released back in 2011. Its realistic approach to the zombie genre, the weapon system, and the beauty of the world of Banoi (and the lovely

The Bastards return out of sight and behind the mic in a new B3pisode, giving thanks to the people who helped make their first live show in a long time a success. Blueonic jumps into the sad news of the

Probably one of my top of the top games to always go back to play on my Xbox has to be Codemasters' GRID. Out of all the racing games I've played this is my favorite one, and now the long

Because I am new to this series I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from Sacred Citadel, a spin-off title of the mostly-PC-based Sacred series. All I knew was SouthEnd Interactive was developing it, a company who moved me to

After a short break the Bastards have returned with some extra pizazz!

Four years. That's how long it has taken The Behemoth to bring the world BattleBlock Theater. Since revealed in 2009 fans of Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid have waited ever-so long for the developers to bring their next foray to consoles. Hell, it was even shown off at PAX East the last few years, as if it was close to being released to the masses. So now that BattleBlock Theater has finally been put out does it merit the wait, or is it a dish of doo-doo casserole with a side of butt salad?