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April 2013

Blueonic and King Baby Duck interview the Newburyport-based developers Muzzy Lane. In the past they have brought us many awesome educational games, and now they bring us the concept of being a congressmen in Government In Action.

At PAX East this past year we checked out a game that really knew how to scare the pants off of us: Outlast, the first title from Red Barrels.

A familiar scene unfolded in the opening moments of BioShock Infinite. One lone lighthouse within a vast ocean, inside a strange kind of transport that leads to a destination that is beyond your wildest dreams. This time around you aren't going down to Rapture; rather, it is the opposite. High above the clouds you soar in a rocket ship, towards what some may claim to be the next-best thing to Heaven: Columbia.


The Vagabonds guest-star in this post-PAX East episode.

We got a sneak peek of Twisted Pixel's upcoming title, and you'll be able to see it with a first-person perspective.

Ah yes, I love shooting many robots so much I just had to download the Android version of Shoot Many Robots. No, it's not just because I'm the only one in B3 that owns an Android phone; it's because this game is really that fun!

King Baby Duck and Blueonic chat with two game developers at PAX East that were showing off their goods: one favorite of theirs and a newbie that's hoping to make waves with a new horror title.

As a game reviewer I need all the concentration I can get when playing through any title. It's not because I don't want to bothered (okay, maybe a little bit), but rather it's due to the fact that I need to be able to point out every single pixel, sound, action, and just about everything else that is featured in a video game. I won't lie when I say it's hard to do this when even the smallest sound outside of your gaming realm can sometimes distract you. Fortunately I've found a great solution to this little gaming issue in the form of Plantronics' GameCom Commander, the official headset of the Electronic Sports World Cup.

Recently I got to do a video interview with the Senior Technical Marketing Analyst of NVIDIA Andrew Coonrad. He showed me their upcoming controller, Project SHIELD,  that features a built-on screen, giving you the capabilities of walking away from the computer and enjoying the game in another part of your house without dragging a wire around. Using the video graphics card of NVIDIA this new controller will get those very sweet graphics right in the palms of your hands.

King Baby Duck sits down with one of the most recognizable names in the nerdcore industry in a new edition of One-On-One!