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January 2013

Ronimo Games' Joost van Dongen has created the best thing to happen to cello players since Apocalyptica first formed...

The Scribblenauts series has always brought the best -- and sometimes worst -- of everyone's imagination alive in a video game. Where else could you have Santa Claus battle Cthulhu in a desert setting, or a fancy top hat-wearing robot ride a purple donkey? In the new Scribblenauts Unlimited for the Wii U the world of Maxwell and his magic notebook has expanded, as have the limits of what you can create.

The Bastards check out the biggest hide-and-seek game in an all-new episode!

Creat Studios' latest game Labyrinth Legends takes just about everything we love about dungeon crawlers and crams it into a little adventure. Just be prepared to throw the controller at the TV in some places.

It's the first recording of the new year, and the Bastards are still suffering from the Dick Clark Hangover.

With 2013 gaming now about to start it's time we look back at the games we remember both fondly and smugly at from year's past. Because it's fun to trash-talk, let's start things off with five of the worst games to come out this year!

2012 has come and gone. There may have been no Mayan apocalypse, but with so many musicians pulling out their A-game this year they sure acted like it was going to happen. After listening to a bountiful of new albums this year I had the hard task of narrowing down my list to the twenty that you will be reading below:

As we are closing off 2012 and entering the new year, it would be wise to mention that we do not condone the act of culinary fornication. (We do, however, find it hilarious!)