The Scribblenauts series has always brought the best -- and sometimes worst -- of everyone's imagination alive in a video game. Where else could you have Santa Claus battle Cthulhu in a desert setting, or a fancy top hat-wearing robot ride a purple donkey? In the new Scribblenauts Unlimited for the Wii U the world of Maxwell and his magic notebook has expanded, as have the limits of what you can create.

Right off the bat players will notice something different about this foray in theĀ Scribblenauts series: the addition of an actual plotline. Here Maxwell must collect enough Starites to save his sister Lily from turning into stone, a curse brought upon the siblings by a wizard Maxwell pulled a prank on. Each of the over 50 levels are connected in a nice side-scrolling sandbox-style, though you can easily jump from level to level via the world map. These levels all feature at least one Starite to collect, as well as pieces of Starites to make one full one throughout the level.

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