Ronimo Games' Joost van Dongen has created the best thing to happen to cello players since Apocalyptica first formed...

On Monday the creator of Proun revealed his latest project: Cello Fortress. A twin-sticked shooter the game will have up to four players destroying as many cannons as possible. The twist: the cannons are controlled by a live cellist. While the game is still in beta and far from finished the overall presentation of the game is beyond belief. If this is what can be done with one instrumentalist, imagine the possibility of a video game controlled by a whole orchestra (a true Video Games Live, to be exact).

Watch the video below to see Cello Fortress in action:

When asked if he'll be bringing Cello Fortress to any upcoming conventions, Dongen replied, "Right now I have no plans to visit PAX or E3, but maybe if the organisation asks me for it: I would love to come there!" Here's hoping that the organizers take notice.

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