2012 has come and gone. There may have been no Mayan apocalypse, but with so many musicians pulling out their A-game this year they sure acted like it was going to happen. After listening to a bountiful of new albums this year I had the hard task of narrowing down my list to the twenty that you will be reading below:

20. deadmau5 - > album title goes here <

Is it Mr. Zimmerman's strongest album? Not quite, but > album title goes here < has many shining moments thanks to a plethora of great guest musicians that range from Cypress Hill, Gerard Way, Imogen Heap, and Chris James. The latter, whom deadmau5 found through Twitter, brings out the album's shiniest moment with "The Veldt," a track based on the classic Ray Bradbury tale. It's an album that plays with the creative mind, from one of the biggest creative men in the EDM scene.

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