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BOSTON FIG 2013 | It Takes "Tiny Brains" To Tackle A Giant World

BOSTON FIG 2013 | It Takes "Tiny Brains" To Tackle A Giant World

Spearhead Games, a new company founded by ex-AAA game developers, has a little something special in store for Day One owners of the PS4, and it comes in the form of their first title: Tiny Brains.

Up to four players take on the role of lab rats who have been injected with psychic abilities, ranging from grabbing and throwing objects to teleportation. Using these powers the rats are tasked to solve puzzles and complete objectives that'll have them facing off against other genetically-engineered creatures. Upon the completion of their tasks the rats make their escape from the lab through the vent towards freedom...or do they?


During my hands-on experience with Tiny Brains I played with three others as we moved giant objects, solved curious puzzles, and attempted to massacre evil chickens who are trying to hurt a tiny pink chick. Much teamwork had to be done to take on the challenges at hand, many of which required all of our brain power to solve. Oh, and as it turns out a little icy substance can go a long ways when it comes to reaching longer destinations.

Outside of the story mode we were given the chance to try out two Challenges the game will feature. The first had us try to reach a power source from a long curved distance, which required all of our powers to overcome. It was the second Challenge, however, that got onlookers the most excited. In it we had to use just about every trick in the book to move a giant ball higher and higher as we had to avoid hinderances that could either push the ball back or knock it off the map entirely. My fellow players and I managed to push the ball up close to 450 meters, which we thought was quite impressive until we saw the high score was near 970 meters.


According to Spearhead Games co-founder and President Malik Boukhira the game will feature an extensive story mode for players in-room and online to go up against. Those who cannot find anyone to play will be able to switch through the four rats to complete puzzles, until online players jump into your game to lend a helping hand. What makes Tiny Brains interesting is the fact that the levels will change depending on how many people are playing it at the current moment, meaning that you can expect a different gameplay experience each time you play with a different number of players.

While he could not reveal all the modes that will be featured in Tiny Brains (you need some surprises, after all) Boukhira did announce that there would be a cool soccer mode in the final game where you are split into two teams and need to use your powers in order to make goals. It's a cool-sounding mini-game, and just a small slice of what can be expected from the full game when it's due for release. From what I've seen thus far I can see Tiny Brains going over well with games both in the casual and hardcore department.

Tiny Brains will be released on PS4 and PS3 via the PlayStation Network and PC via Steam on November 15th.

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