Spearhead Games

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PAX East 2014 One-On-One Extravaganza!

On a super-sized PAX East 2014 edition of One-On-One KBD chats with a great bunch of developers and PR guys...

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Power of Friends Needed To Tackle "Tiny Brains"

When it comes to multiplayer experiences, people will usually go for the Call of Duty or Battlefield fare, places where...

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BOSTON FIG 2013 | It Takes "Tiny Brains" To Tackle A Giant World

Spearhead Games, a new company founded by ex-AAA game developers, has a little something special in store for Day One...

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Boston FIG 2013: A One-On-One Special!

King Baby Duck reports live at the Boston Festival of Indie Games at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology! First Ben...

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