December 2013

The final day of the year has come, which means it's time to reveal our list for favorite albums of 2013. In the first part King Baby Duck will share picks numbered 20-11, as well as a few of his

Whenever I played The Stanley Parable, I thought back to that Will Ferrell movie Stranger Than Fiction. When thinking of how Ferrell dealt with what Emma Thompson's narrator was saying, I then started to imagine what would've happened if he

From all of us here at B3, we'd like to wish each and all of our fans and followers a very happy holidays! Usually with it being Tuesday, a Podcast should be launching today, but as it's Christmastime we figured

Last year's The Walking Dead from Telltale Games was nothing short of a gaming phenomenon. An amazing story, a stellar cast, a spotlight return of choose-your-own-path point-and-click adventure, and a faithful adaptation of Robert Kirkman's award-winning comic book series helped

When it comes to multiplayer experiences, people will usually go for the Call of Duty or Battlefield fare, places where it's more about a quick trigger finger rather than a good mind. Spearhead Games has decided that the multiplayer realm

It's Christmastime in King Baby Duck's kingdom, and all he wants is to do a relaxing show and spin some of his favorite holiday tracks. However the Christmas spirit goes straight to Hell when King's long-lost (and initially thought-to-be-dead) grandpa

Up in the sky, way yonder afar Shone a bright beacon like a big star But on closer inspection this rock was a ship Filled with our heroes that are as crazy as hip The Saints, as they're called, had settled on down After days

Shaft's Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Fucked Up's David Comes To Life: two totally different stories in two totally different settings and genres. One is a Japanese anime about magical girls that takes the genre and twists it towards some

King Baby Duck is all ready for the holidays, and shares his thoughts on why a vinyl record player would make a wonderful gift this year. Frank Turner comes to Boston, and KBD gives his reasons why Frozen is Disney's

When Hiroyuki Imaishi and Masahiko Ohtsuka left GAINAX to form Studio Trigger they had already an impressive resume under their belt. They first hit the scene with Little Witch Academia, a short film that was so popular that it warranted