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October 2013

Growing up on the likes of Ren & Stimpy, Beavis & Butt-Head, and Rocko's Modern Life I came to the notion that anything related to farts, burps, and snots were all I needed for total entertainment. In 1994 a video game

For over twenty years the Japanese noise punk band Melt-Banana has been screaming, wailing, and flinging their eccentric style of music into the ears and faces of their undying fanbase. Sometimes the melodies only last mere seconds, others going for

King Baby Duck gets over a cold, and shares his opinion on why Capcom's recent best-of release contains titles that aren't necessarily "essential." The time to catch them all comes again when new Pokemon appear, and Kanye West gets some

I was reluctant to watch Love Lab at first, as it looked like another one of those shows where anime girls sit around drinking tea and giggle about the dumbest of things. Once again, my cover-judging thought process has been

This week on No Borders No Race King Baby Duck reviews the new play All The Way, and tells of what happened when he met Bryan Cranston afterwards. Good news is sprung from two Kickstarters, and one indiegogo fundraiser that

Since their first album was released Loudboy, the brainchild of guitarist John Andrews, has gone through some changes, one of which is the addition of Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls, Violent Femmes) sitting behind the drum kit. Now with Andrews, bassist

In a new episode of No Borders No Race King Baby Duck cannot stop talking about his love about Grand Theft Auto V, and has a bone to pick with the people responsible for choosing the Super Bowl Halftime show

For years Rayman had been overshadowed by those goofy bastards known as the Rabbids. His comeback, well overdue, finally emerged in the form of 2011's Rayman Origins, a beautifully-animated four-player platformer that won over the hearts of fans and both

King Baby Duck returns from his Boston FIG coverage, where he has many a great thing to say about it, and takes in his first-ever FreedomFest where he shares his thoughts on the message they were trying to bring. A

B3's own King Baby Duck stopped by in a new episode of Wicked Anime! What did he talk about with the Fleming twins? Well here's a synopsis of what to expect: Ever watch a show and wonder why no one is