October 2013

After playing countless hours of Grand Theft Auto V, whether it's performing missions or simply going trigger-happy for no apparent reason with either Trevor, Michael, or Franklin, one thought kept rushing through my brain: I wished Los Santos really did

King Baby Duck throws his two cents in about the recent PAX East registration debacle, and gets excited about what Bruce Campbell had to say about Army of Darkness 2. Fifi Prosper and King Sparkileptic of The Region2 Show drop by

I was wonderfully surprised by this year's release of Metro: Last Light. With its immersive world, great storytelling, and some of the best first-person shooting I've come across in recent memory the title stands tall with a few other games

Yesterday Crunchyroll, the leading anime and asian drama streaming service, launched its own branded application for the OUYA. Now owners of the Android-based system can stream hundreds of popular (and some unknown) series from the Land of the Rising Sun.

King Baby Duck is on a mission to catch 'em all when he goes gaga over the new Pokémon X & Y video games, and is stoked to see rock legend Alice Cooper still kicking ass like nobody's business! Plus

King Baby Duck sits down with Chris Tremmel, one-half of the creative minds behind the classic video game Boogerman. Hear about the game's origins, the ideas that couldn't fit on those old 16-bit cartridges, and what may be in store

Growing up on the likes of Ren & Stimpy, Beavis & Butt-Head, and Rocko's Modern Life I came to the notion that anything related to farts, burps, and snots were all I needed for total entertainment. In 1994 a video game

For over twenty years the Japanese noise punk band Melt-Banana has been screaming, wailing, and flinging their eccentric style of music into the ears and faces of their undying fanbase. Sometimes the melodies only last mere seconds, others going for

King Baby Duck gets over a cold, and shares his opinion on why Capcom's recent best-of release contains titles that aren't necessarily "essential." The time to catch them all comes again when new Pokemon appear, and Kanye West gets some

I was reluctant to watch Love Lab at first, as it looked like another one of those shows where anime girls sit around drinking tea and giggle about the dumbest of things. Once again, my cover-judging thought process has been