King Baby Duck throws his two cents in about the recent PAX East registration debacle, and gets excited about what Bruce Campbell had to say about Army of Darkness 2. Fifi Prosper and King Sparkileptic of The Region2 Show drop by to chat about the new film Gravity, and KBD reveals why he's so superstitious about Boston sports teams. Finally 42Believer join the King as they chat about Golden Time, the new anime from the creator of Toradora!


  1. Shonen Knife - Frogphobia (from the album Brand New Knife)
  2. Seatbelts - Diggin' (from the album Future Blues OST)
  3. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Supernaturally (from the double-album Abattoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus)
  4. Nana Kitade - Tsuiraku (from the CD single Suicides Love Story)
  5. PUFFY - Hiyori Hime (from the album Bring it!)
  6. Imelda May - Psycho (from the album Mayhem)
  7. noodles - She, Her (from the album GOD CABLE)
  8. m-flo - Butterfly (from the album NEVEN)
  9. The Misfits - Theme for a Jackal (from the album Static Age)
  10. X Japan - ENDLESS RAIN (from the album BLUE BLOOD)
  11. Stance Punks - Ano Musume wa B (from the album The World Is Mine)

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