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Crunchyroll App Now Available on OUYA (PLUS FIVE MORE RECOMMENDATIONS!)

Crunchyroll App Now Available on OUYA (PLUS FIVE MORE RECOMMENDATIONS!)

Yesterday Crunchyroll, the leading anime and asian drama streaming service, launched its own branded application for the OUYA. Now owners of the Android-based system can stream hundreds of popular (and some unknown) series from the Land of the Rising Sun. Just as when the PS3 and Xbox Crunchyroll Apps were launched, I'll give a helping hand by sharing five series recommendations for any OUYA users just starting to get into anime:


I'll admit that Arakawa Under The Bridge is one of the weirdest comedies on Crunchyroll. The show follows Kou Ichinomiya, a man who lives his life by never being in debt to anyone. Unfortunately his debt-free days come to an end when a girl named Nino saves him from drowning. To repay her, Nino tells Kou to love her and live under the bridge with her. With kappas, robot boys, gun-toting male nuns, and a star-headed kook living amongst Kou and Nino everyday is just a tad more interesting than normal. It's crazy, unpredictable, and above all one of the more original anime comedies to come out of Japan in the last few years.


Ryuji and Taiga are having trouble fitting in at high school, and to top it off they are struggle to tell their crushes how they feel. So in anime comedy fashion they decide to team up and help out one another in their daily lives. While the love interests may change during the course of the show the heart and emotion these characters bring come at full swing. You may chuckle, and you may shed a tear. Most importantly, you will be drawn in to the story that is Toradora!


Ika Musume wants to conquer the world, but she can't even take over a small oceanside restaurant. What's more, after accidentally smashing a giant hole in the ramen shop's wall she's now forced to work in order to pay off the damages. Now with world domination put in the back burner the Squid Girl is now having to find her place with the land walkers, while some are trying use her in the same of either science or weird moé fantasies. Squid Girl is filled with plenty of adorably funny moments that will have you marathoning the show in no time.


The characters are dead and stuck in a high schoolish limbo, and the only way out is to let go of their lingering attachments. Within the hollowed grounds are also a group of kids known as the Afterlife Battalion, who fight against God for the fates each of the characters wound up receiving upon death. A great mixture of action, drama, comedy, and tragedy Angel Beats! is an anime cornucopia, with something for everyone to enjoy. Oh, and did I mention that the in-show band Girls Dead Monster has better rock music than some of the real world artists out there?


A true anime classic, Sherlock Hound takes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective and the world around him and gives it a canine twist. Watch as the duo of Hound and Holmes takes on the detective's famous foe Professor Moriarty on the streets, above the air, and under the waters of 19th century London. Almost thirty years later the adventures of Sherlock Hound are still as enjoyable as when they first aired. If you need one more incentive to watch this show, here it is: Hayao Miyazaki directed the first six episodes.

To check out these and other anime series, be sure to check out the Crunchyroll OUYA app (as well as the PS3 & Xbox 360 ones if you have those). For more information, visit the official Crunchyroll website!


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