For years Rayman had been overshadowed by those goofy bastards known as the Rabbids. His comeback, well overdue, finally emerged in the form of 2011's Rayman Origins, a beautifully-animated four-player platformer that won over the hearts of fans and both critics alike. Two years later our hero has returned with the follow-up in the series: Rayman Legends.

During a century-long snooze the Glade of Dreams was invaded by nightmares big and small, multiplied and spread across the world like a terrible plague. This time, instead of the Nymphs, the nightmares have captured all of the Teensies, and now Rayman and his friends must rescue them and save the Glade of Dreams. Throughout the five main worlds they must also rescue Barbara and the other barbarian princesses, who will become playable characters once each one is revealed.

Rayman Legends was initially a Wii U launch title, before being pushed back to February so more work could be done on it. It was then pushed back again to September so Ubisoft could port it to all the other systems and add more content, outraging fans and even a couple of the game's developers since it was already finished for Nintendo's system and just about ready for store shipping. Plus as the game takes advantage of the Wii U touchscreen I worried that some of the gameplay mechanics would be lost in the transition to the other consoles.

After playing the game and seeing how the control mechanics compare, one realization was clear: Rayman Legends should've stayed a Wii U exclusive.

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