Another great set of music is ready to be spun by King Baby Duck, but not before lamenting on the loss of one of his favorite Japanese music sites. A review of Edgar Wright's The World's End does its best to be spoiler-free, and a general opinion of the recently-announced Nintendo 2DS makes its way onto the show. Plus a special roundtable discussion on Mamoru Hosoda's Wolf Children is held at the Museum of Fine Arts with Wicked Anime's Jonathan & Andrew Fleming and YouTube anime reviewer 42Believer.


  1. Ketchup mania - Doubt Mail (from the album U*R*G*E)
  2. Lems - Hello Beat 3 feat. Naoyuki Takano (Moonstarr Remix) (from the album a,b,c!!)
  3. The Nervous Wreckords - Let Them All Talk (from the album Let The All Talk)
  4. The Cold Tommy - Paradox (from the EP cold days, cold you)
  5. The Planets - i delete u (from the mini-album HELLO WORLD)
  6. Childish Gambino - R.I.P. (ft. Bun B) (from the mixtape Royalty)
  7. i-na - Technopopper Theme (from the EP Pikapika Crocodile)
  8. Pig the Ryo - Sweet Swinging Days (from the albumĀ Plastic Box)
  9. Ann Sally - Okaa-san no Uta (from the Wolf Children soundtrack)

Hear it all in its MP3 glory on No Borders No Race: Episode Juu-hachi!

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