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The soapbox has been put away today for a more fun show, as King Baby Duck shares his thoughts on the films Rocketman and A Whisker Away! Plus a beloved cult cartoon based on a cult hit film celebrates its 20th

If you’re looking for a relaxing show to watch, you can never go wrong with SILVER LINK’s Non Non Biyori. The anime about four classmates of different grades living in a small country town is a calming escape from the

With Boston cautiously reopening, King Baby Duck takes a look at the new Scooby-Doo! film, discovering just how faithful it is in its new 3D realm. Listeners pays tribute to rock's greatest heroic, but is the end result diluted? Plus,

WARNING: THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS It can be hard to know when to cling to childlike fantasies and to start realizing it’s time to mature. Some folks like to take their fantasies and use them as a defense mechanism, sometimes

An extreme hobbyist & his jaded classmate, a scientist looking for love, and a book club finding out how bodies & emotions change are all what's to come this July from Section23 Films! Look below to see what's on their horizon! TONARI NO SEKI-KUN:

A very strange love triangle, a trip to Okinawa, and one of the finest slice-of-life dramedies of the last ten years are coming to our shores from Section23 Films! Check out below to see what's on the horizon! TAMAKO MARKET LOVE STORY COLLECTION Published by:

No cold can hold down King Baby Duck, as he praises the Oscars for giving the Best Picture award to the legit best film of 2019: Parasite! China throws its animation hat into the ring with Scissor Seven, demonstrating why

Soon after trying his Japanese cussing skills, King Baby Duck turns back the clock to the Great War, as he witnesses the new film 1917. Netflix's new series Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts dazzles with its storytelling and character development. Finally,

Sex humor is normally some of the easiest comedy to do. But to be considered the best, one must be smart with it. Big Mouth is a fine example of this, as it tackles the things that sex education is

February is for lovers and American leaders, but for Section23 Films it's all about high-flying heroes, chefs-in-training, and two galaxy-loving bros! Here's what's coming up from Sentai Filmworks and co. for February 2020! Anime fans can hit the blue skies on February 4th