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After giving his listeners some advice regarding how to watch Goblin Slayer, King Baby Duck dives into the importance of the iyashikei genre (especially since it was announced that Laid-Back Camp got a second season green-lit). The Netflix series Hilda enchants our host

It was five years ago when Studio 4ÂșC and Ankama Animation gave the world a taste of MFKZ (or Mutafukaz, as it's known throughout the rest of the world). Since that time, each visual leaked was drenched with badassery, giving

After getting a simple fix for his microphone, King Baby Duck praises both the anime and manga versions of After the Rain for its means of storytelling and character development. Telltale Games shuts down out of the blue, leaving our

Even having a plethora of mic troubles won't keep King Baby Duck from doing his show! After watching the DC Extended Universe crumble in front of our eyes, our host gives hope that the rekindling friendship between Nintendo and Square Enix might

Sex comedies have often invaded the mainstream movie realm, thanks in part to the likes of Revenge of the Nerds and American Pie. Even the indie scene is chock full of this subgenre, with movies like Igby Goes Down and

The holidays get into full swing this December via Section23 Films, with the return of a certain ballet-inspired tale that will have anime fans screaming with joy! December 4th unleashes the Complete Collection edition of the action series Akame ga Kill! When Tatsumi

2014's No Game No Life stands out as one of Madhouse's most beautiful and surprisingly intelligent anime series of this decade. The tale of step-siblings Sora and Shiro transported to the world of Disboard showcased a foray of philosophical takes

After worrying about making some nasty cuts from his annual Top Albums list (even though he should worry about that in December), King Baby Duck praises the latest film Crazy Rich Asians both for its dynamic cast and fun storytelling. Then

Even a single meet-up can unlock an obsession within a person. Whether it's a chance at love or a breaking from the chains of normalcy, a person can awaken a new focus on life towards better pastures. Unfortunately for Setsuko

How does one conjure up a description of Masaaki Yuasa's latest film The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl? At first, one could say that it's a comedy about one epic bar crawl, but as soon as you think you've