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Kyoto Animation's 2013 series Beyond The Boundary was a mixture of many things. It had some surprisingly high octane action, a good sense of humor, a unique philosophy on the subject of light and darkness within the world, and a

King Baby Duck is overjoyed when one of his favorite video game characters returns for another round, this time invadingĀ various indie game worlds. The Netflix Death Note movie has our host dive into a couple theories about its core differences

King Baby Duck is currently on a flight to Los Angeles, but that didn't keep him from delivering a new episode this week! (Next week, though, is a different story.) Our host chimes in on the recent Sony/Funimation acquisition, as

Every great heroic adventure starts with love. It could be one sprouted from the girl next door, a high school crush, or -- in the case of Angelino in the new film Mutafukaz -- a cute gal in a very short

King Baby Duck pays special tribute to Phil the Issues Guy, who just got hitched a week ago to his beloved! Then we sail the seas with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and throw on our

King Baby Duck gets excited over the news of a possible new season of Non Non Biyori, then reviews the surprisingly good Baywatch movie. A spotlight on the anime Humanity Has Declined gives it an extra dose of love, and

The realm of comics & manga take up most of King Baby Duck's time, as news of a Hellboy reboot has our host being cautiously optimistic about what could be in store. Deadpool gets his own animated series, and the

After a month-long break, No Borders No Race is back and in full swing! This week King Baby Duck gives a second chance to the Crunchyroll anime Kemono Friends, followed by loads of praise for the Mystery Science Theater 3000Ā revival.

Andrew & Jonathan Fleming of Wicked Anime join King Baby Duck this week, as the bros reveal some big panel announcements for Anime Boston 2017. A discussion of Masamune-Kun's Revenge highlights the flaws of this anime, not to mention why

Another member of a beloved Japanese punk band decides to call it quits, but King Baby Duck has a lot more to be pissed about. With the announcement of this year's Oscar nominations, our host points out a massive snub