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It's the final Anime Boston 2016 interview, with the Boston Bastard Brigade and the Toonami Faithful Podcast chatting with voice actor and ADR director Tony Oliver. Find out how a certain B-movie KBD discovered became the reason why Tony Oliver doesn't

After celebrating the announcement of his recent favorite manga getting an anime adaptation, King Baby Duck welcomes directors Jonathan Yi and Michael Haertlein, whose film Mad Tiger follows the Japanese punk band Peelander-Z while big lineup changes occurred. Hear about how

King Baby Duck, TheDCD, and Scarlet Rhapsody's Eri Kagami sit around the movie balcony and talk about the best, the worst, and the WTF moments of this year's Academy Awards! Who got snubbed? Did Mad Max: Fury Road win as much

After regretting to watch Erased as it airs on Crunchyroll, King Baby Duck welcomes TheDCD and the Fantastic Forum's Mayor Young as they review the hotly-anticipated movie Deadpool! Did the hype live up to expectations, or did Fox screw up another comic

King Baby Duck seems a bit smug in the beginning of this week's episode, as he talks about his newest addition to the B3 studio: the Spark from Blue Microphones. A run-through of the Homefront: The Revolution closed beta reveals

After a week off King Baby Duck returns with a super-sized episode, beginning with a solemn tribute to the late David Bowie. Then things start getting more cheerful when Dave Burpitt of Big Pixel Studios drops in to talk about their

The thrilling conclusion to King Baby Duck's annual Top Twenty Albums list has arrived! Who will take the crown this year? Will it be one of Japan's finest punk bands? Maybe it'll go to some true rock 'n' roll icons whose frontman

Have you been naughty this year? Are you a big Star Wars fan, but have yet to see The Force Awakens? Well guess what?! King Baby Duck, TheDCD, and John Riley are going to spoil the ever-loving fuck out of it for you!

The Force is strong with King Baby Duck, especially with his buddies TheDCD and John Riley in tow. This week TheDCD shares his picks for best and worst films of 2015, which leads to an argument with him and Riley

After celebrating the success of both the Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Buy the Rights Kickstarters, King Baby Duck welcomes Alexandra Samper-Martínez of Spain's Delirium Studios, as they chat about their latest video game The Delusions of Von Sottendorff and his Square Mind.