February 2019

One of anime's best partners-in-crime and a master at piloting many a giant mech are both heading to Anime Boston 2019, with the announcements of guests Ellyn Stern and a returning Richard Epcar! Having voiced over 500 characters in games, animation,

Seventeen years. That's how long it took for Keiichi Sigsawa's classic light novel series Kino's Journey: The Beautiful World to get its own manga adaptation. Since that time, there have been two anime series, as well as two short films,

Within the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado, the duo known as Brim Liski are putting together a blend of powerful sounds that engulf one's mindscape. Comprised of Ryan Policky and Justin Gitlin, the duo'sĀ upcoming EP Duels (in stores March 22nd)

Anime Boston 2019 is itching to hit its con-goers over the head with a 100-ton mallet, as it welcomes three key members of the recent City Hunter film to theĀ annual event: director Kenji Kodama, producer Naohiro Ogata, and writer Yoichi

Death is something we all have to come to terms with. Sometimes we luck out and are granted a life of good health and a bountiful of memories. Other times we get hit with a Whammie of a path, filled

Having big muscles and the ability to punch through bricks and concrete may sound great, but it still does not compare to the advances in science. Case in point, even the strongest of individuals would fall in a stupor if

It won't cost you $$60,000,000,000 to see him, but prepared to morph it up when he's in your presence! Anime Boston 2019 has announced that voice actor & musician Johnny Yong Bosch will be returning to their convention this year! Starting

After lamenting about there being no SXSW Japan Nite Tour this year, King Baby Duck goes for Activision's jugular for its shady means of laying off 800 employees. But things aren't too grim on this episode, as our host praises

Too much exposition can sometimes ruin the fun of action manga and anime. There are parts of Naruto, Bleach, and even Soul Eater where I feel like a scene suffers from being too talkative, resulting in the impending fight afterwards

The person responsible for bringing the melodies to the worlds of Kingdom Hearts and Xenoblade Chronicles is coming to Anime Boston 2019, as the convention welcomes its first Japanese guest: composerĀ Yoko Shimomura! One of the most celebrated women in video game