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February 2019

For some reason, it's very hard not to peer away from a volume cover of Aki Irie's Ran and the Gray World. The attention to detail on every stroke of ink and color made is filled with delightful personality, one

With the weather getting warmer in the month of May, Section23 Films is looking to fire things up with its line of new releases, including the return of one gender-bender of a series! Things kick off on May 7th with the

If the fictional world has taught us anything, it's that the greatest scientific minds cannot figure out the concept of love. From the nuttiest of professors and the most spectacled of boy geniuses to even a member of the Council

Everyone deserves to go on a trip, even if it's into the confides of one's mind. The Swedish band ShapeShiftingAliens makes it all the more easy to do just that, with the aid of their self-titled debut album (in stores February

As spinoffs go, Kanna's Daily Life doesn't tread the same road as Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. Instead, it focuses on its own path, bringing together another perspective of the same world from a different character alongside some refreshing stories. Perhaps

Taishi Tsutsui's We Never Learn took some time to get its gears turning. The story of a poor genius and the three students he must tutor to place in his college of choice had some rough patches in its first

Go Nagai's Mazinger Z is said by many to be the series that got the giant robot craze started in Japan. After laying dormant for many years (save for its cutesy revamp in the anime Robot Girls Z), the colossal

I remember many a tale of the infamous Dragon Half back in college. While watching the insane two-episode OVA in anime club, there were rumors spread that the show was cancelled due to "everyone in production being on drugs". (Actually,

The original Sailor Moon anime's final theatrical foray finally arrives this month from VIZ Media, with the release of Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie arriving on February 12th! Taking place after the events of Sailor Moon SuperS, the Sailor Guardians find

After a plethora of announcements and shoutouts, King Baby Duck dusts off his soapbox as he talks about a recent Twitter spat he had with The IT Crowd creator Graham Linehan. Bill Maher gets into more hot water over his