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Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 17 | ShapeShiftingAliens

Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 17 | ShapeShiftingAliens

Everyone deserves to go on a trip, even if it's into the confides of one's mind. The Swedish band ShapeShiftingAliens makes it all the more easy to do just that, with the aid of their self-titled debut album (in stores February 15th). A blend of Bowie, Moby, and even Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex-era Yoko Kanno, the duo comprising of vocalist Johan Cléve and multi-instrumentalist Niklas Rundquist brings forth a spacey vibe within a meadow filled with beautiful melodies and visually-powerful lyrics. To celebrate the upcoming release of their first LP, ShapeShiftingAliens is beaming down onto Shameless Tuesdays to spread their gospel. And by gospel, I mean their hypnotically lengthy playlist!

Here's what Niklas Rundquist has to say about this week's playlist:

One thing is to enter a hamburger bar to satisfy your immediate hunger, only to leave the place with a sense of concrete in your stomach. It´s another experience to go into a restaurant and enjoy the nuances of a great meal. The same goes for the world of audio. What about music that surprises, is intelligent and touches? It isn´t easy to find in a world of prepaid topcharts and tons of noise to go through. Here comes a small selection for your pleasure.

In this playlist, I added things I create music and/or lyrics for, as ShapeShiftingAliens, Brainshadow and Moodshaper and also a cult band like The Leather Nun that I play violin with. I found the rest of the tracks fitting around them and tunes I could spontaneously listen to myself in the car or when taking a walk.

By the way, the picture accompanying the playlist is the front cover of the forthcoming single "Love Is Battlefield", which will be released at the time of the physical album release!

For more information on ShapeShiftingAliens, visit their official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp. Check out a sneak peek of their self-titled debut album below:

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