July 2021

Studio TRIGGER’s Little Witch Academia is a gem of an anime. The characters, worlds, and adventures of Akko, Lotte, and Sucy are filled with the sort of charm that Disney wish it could conjure up. While there have been other

Out of all of Nintendo’s characters, the cutest and most innocent is the pink fluffy hero Kirby. Throughout the decades, Kirby has protected Dream Land from the likes of King Dedede. Despite his toughness and unique skills, Kirby’s mannerisms have

A journey’s end can be quite satisfying. Although We Never Learn still has a couple more volumes to go, Volume Sixteen gets a major plot thread all sewed tightly into its narrative. As the clock winds down, the months of

Springtime calls for beautiful flowers, sunshine, and the end of chilly days for the time being. In the realm of anime in Spring 2021, there was plenty of warmth from the likes of a giant dragon, a gang of baddies,

King Baby Duck returns well-rested after a much-needed vacation, but is greeted by a shell of his childhood: Space Jam: A New Legacy! Valve announces the Steam Deck, but our host is skeptical about its possible success. Plus, on this

WARNING: The following manga contains references to suicide. If you or someone you know has suicidal thoughts or feelings, you are not alone, and there is free, 24/7 help. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline offers specific resources and confidential support for

In high school, there’s “that guy”. They're always the talk of the hallways, be it the legendary quarterback or the infamous loner. Sometimes they’re the Fonzie, other times they’re Sawako. But when you merely utter their name, it always gets

The classic story of Momotaro has been told many times over. A farmer’s wife finds a peach, which reveals a child living inside. That child grows to be a strong warrior, defeating monsters all over the land. But what if

When I think of what "the sound" of the 2020s should be, what FLDPLN (pronounced "field plan") offers is the answer. The side project of Sway frontman Andrew Saks, the mixture of electronica, synthwave, and jazz brings the finest neon

When watching the final Harry Potter film, I thought to myself how epic it would be if both Harry and Voldermont fought to the point where they ran out of magic. This fight would then turn to one of strength,