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July 2021

In the autumn of 1991, my family bought its first computer: an IBM PS/1. My days on that PC were filled with booting up Prodigy and America On-Line to get a taste of the early Internet. But when I wasn’t

Kotoyama has a knack for bringing out the sweet things in life, even when the sun goes down and the moon rises above. Then again, after their work on Dagashi Kashi, it’s evident that sweetness is their beckon call. This

Fifteen years have gone by since No Borders No Race got its start, and there's no signs of stopping! To celebrate this occasion, King Baby Duck welcomes back his lost comrade-in-arms Blueonic! Not only that, Boston rockers the_Stampede members Chris

Once again, many fan favorites have graced their return to the anime realm. From heroes and demon lords to zombie pop idols and good boys in the underworld, there were plenty of reasons to sing, shout, and cheer along to

When we last left Legoshi in BEASTARS, he was finally taking care of the long-running mystery of Paru Itagaki’s narrative. He acted heroically, as he took on Tem’s killer with a little help from Louis. But as we begin the

Even over forty years later, the likes of Galaga, Space Invaders, and Defender still find a way to excite. Yes, the graphics may not be as spiffy as a PS5 or high-end PC game, but when a game is fun

The Ireland and US collective Sons of Southern Ulster are already powerful enough just on their own, as evident by last year's killer debut album Foundry Folk Songs. So what happens when you add the magic of a Boomtown Rat?

Deep down, every person has their purpose in life. This ambition drives us to push through the muck of negativity, in ways that will aim to prove the doubters wrong. Josee, the Tiger and the Fish is a movie about

The Wonder Boy series isn’t thought of in the same way as other SEGA titles. Yet for some reason, it doesn’t stand down without a fight. These last few years, the original Wonder Boy games from the Master System and

Thanks the gods that the original The Way of the Househusband has a new volume out. After being disappointed with Netflix and J.C.Staff’s anime adaptation (which was more picture show than legit animation), I needed a reminder of why Kosuke