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February 2017

You won't have to do one hundred pushup, a hundred sit-ups, a hundred squats, and a 10K run to get up close & personal with One-Punch Man director Shingo Natsume. All you have to do is come to Anime Boston

Disgaea was released in North America way back in 2003 for the PS2 by the way of publisher Atlus under the name Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. It became an immensely popular Japanese strategy RPG, and even was ported to platforms

The third consecutive day of guest announcements for Anime Boston 2017 has come to pass, as the convention welcomes Greg Ayres and Lisa Ortiz to the annual event. Greg Ayres has been a mainstay in the Anime Boston realm, attending the

The sixth and seventh American guests for this year's Anime Boston have just been announced, as the convention welcomes veteran ADR director Kyle Colby Jones and voice-acting newcomer Bryson Baugus. Kyle Colby Jones has been in the anime industry as a

Veteran Japanese voice actor Toru Furuya has thown his rose into the Anime Boston 2017 lineup! Getting his start in 1966, Furuya is known for taken on such iconic roles as Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru Chiba in Sailor Moon, Yamcha in the Dragon Ball series, and

When it comes to TV and films based on video games, the bad always outweighs the good. Although we've been gifted with some great adaptations such as the Pokémon & Yo-Kai Watch anime series, the Mortal Kombat web show, and

Writer's Note: This review has been updated with their thoughts on the Switch port. There are a lot of Metroidvanias out there, but not many of them are set to the aesthetic of Battle Kid or La Mulana. Using an 8-bit

One of our favorite voice actors is heading back to Anime Boston this year, as the convention has announced the return of Brina Palencia. Palencia's resume speaks for herself when it comes to her range of roles. Whether she's donning a

PAX East is fast approaching, but news of E3 going public makes King Baby Duck look at the pros and cons of what could occur when the famous trade show opens its doors to the regular crowd. Castlevania gets a TV

As readers can probably tell, reviewing anime is a lot harder than it looks. We're not talking about the actual critiquing aspect of it, which -- to be fair -- does come with its share of challenges. No, what I'm