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April 2017

There are moments where I am glad I can review an anime from start-to-finish, as a show with a strong beginning can sometimes have a catastrophic ending. This was the case in this past season's Masamune-kun's Revenge, which started out

Rain World had intrigued me when I had first heard of it. The game looked beautiful, and had great looking animation to fit the type of survival experience it was pitching. Unfortunately this game falls victims to a nasty combination

A packed press room had the chance to talk with American voice actress Michelle Ruff (AKA the voice of many of our anime waifus)! Join the Boston Bastard Brigade, Wicked Anime, Worcester State University’s Center For Media, Fandom Post, Anime Herald,

I knew going into FRIMA Studios' FATED: The Silent Oath that I wasn't being delivered a full-fledged video game experience. Rather, this virtual title is more along the lines of an interactive film with some gameplay elements. What was delivered

King Baby Duck chats with Sentai Filmworks' Jay Perez on the Anime Boston convention floor. Hear some cool info on a couple Spring 2017 simulcasts that'll be happening under their watch, as well as some killer box sets for two

Time for the Keronian chant, as the Boston Bastard Brigade, Mithical Entertainment, and Toonami Faithful sit down with voice actress Brina Palencia at this year's Anime Boston! Hear about her thoughts on women in the entertainment industry, who her anime

Snakes usually get a bad rep in the entertainment realm. They're usually seen as the must-own pet for villains, or -- at times -- a certain mid-boss in horror games. Sumo Digital seemed to have realized this, which is why

Another Anime Boston interview special is upon us, with actor/musician/martial arts master Johnny Yong Bosch entering the fold! Join the Boston Bastard Brigade, Wicked Anime, Gamer Talk, WAMC Northeast Public Radio, Operation Rainfall, Mithical Entertainment, and ComicsAlliance as Bosch talks about his life

Where's my cyberpunk post-dystopian future? I found myself asking this right at the conclusion of J-POP band Satellite Young's self-titled debut record. Consisting of singer Emi Kusano, synthesizer master Bellemaison Seikine, and a TV-headed robot DJ known as Tele Hideo,

King Baby Duck sits down with voice actor Bryson Baugus, who can currently be heard as Bell Cranel in Sentai Filmworks' Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Hear about his theater background, how he