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While the first Gal*Gun game never made it to the West, PQUBE Games has brought its sequel Double Peace to Western shores and into our hands. It's a rail shooter with a goofy premise that also puts it into the cheescake

Suda51 really only became known in the West around the time Killer7 came out, and even more so after the release of No More Heroes. But some of his earlier work was never revisited before

For the past couple weeks I've been having an internal battle with my brain regarding this winter's Seiren. Is it good? Is it bad? Or is it a show that's in that weird place in-between where you wanna recommend it

Japanese rockers OKAMOTO'S invaded Anime Boston 2017 with flare and style, and the Boston Bastard Brigade, Anime Herald, and BUNKA Network sat down with the rocking quartet on the final morning of the convention. Hear how they compare their convention

**WARNING: THE FOLLOWING NEWS ARTICLE CONTAINS MATERIAL UNSUITABLE FOR READERS UNDER THE AGE OF EIGHTEEN** Who reigns supreme of all the lady lumps? According to SoftCel Pictures' upcoming release King of Breasts, that title belongs to a young lad named Naoya. Naoya

This post contains adult material. Click here to verify your ageThis post contains adult material. Click here to verify your age

One of the most well-respective anime producers in the world enters the Anime Boston realm, as the press had a chance to talk with Studio BONES co-founder Masahiko Minami. Join the Boston Bastard Brigade, Anime Herald, Mithical Entertainment, and BUNKA Network as you

Quite a few long-awaited anime series will soon be in the grasp of fans in America, as Section23 Films reveals which in their Sentai Filmworks library are graced with a home video release. It all kicks off on August 8th, with season four of Hidamari Sketch.

Without a doubt, People Can Fly's Bulletstorm was last-gen's most underrated first-person shooter. Violent, original, and incredibly funny, the game found itself lost under the rubble of every other shooting game out there attempting to beat Activision and Electronic Arts

After a lengthy break between episodes, Telltale Games' The Walking Dead has returned to us. Considering the twist of the last couple minutes of Episode Two, this wait has been kinda painful to say the least. Nevertheless what "Above the

So there I am completely surrounded by nasty men with guns, with only my two fists as my means of protection. As soon as the action picked up, I began to carefully teleport myself literally into a corner. Only here,