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June 2016

E3 is just one week away, and King Baby Duck can't wait to land in LA to cover it all with his ElectricSistaHood brethren. Until then, a new Sonic the Hedgehog game's reveal leads to some disappointment. The return of Cardcaptor Sakura has our

It's amazing what one can get away with in the anime realm. No, I'm not talking about something like hardcore violence or overtly sexual undertones. Today we're focusing more on the lines of storytelling, specifically those that are not supposed to be

After pleading to his listeners to check out Non Non Biyori, King Baby Duck looks at Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto in a negative light while praising its complete opposite Tanaka-kun is Always Listless. Some troubling news for Hulu when a

Code of Princess originally came out to the 3DS back in 2012 and digitally on the eShop in 2013. It was a fun brawler that had a good deal of its gameplay inspired by the brawler classic Guardian Heroes. Now many

You'd be forgiven if you were to merely glance at a picture of Bakuon!!, and then shrug it off as K-On! with motorcycles. The first two episodes do give off that vibe, with cute girls acting cute while on name-brand

King Baby Duck starts off this week's show on a more serious note regarding Bloomylight Studios before introducing TheDCD and Wicked Anime's Andrew Fleming, as they get excited about Rick & Morty airing in Japan. The discussion from Hell gets

There aren't many adventure games these days, but a fairly recent resurgence has breathed new life into the genre. However one sub-genre hasn't received as much attention: the cyberpunk adventure game. Thankfully the folks at MidBoss Games have answered the call.

While it's been ages since the last game in the Nekketsu/River City series, Western hopefuls have waited long enough for another localization. Perhaps players will need to wait longer, as River City Super Sports Challenge harkens back a little too

MOLICE is an espionage disguised as a Japanese rock band. From its debut Doctor Ray and follow-up Catalystrock to its cyberpunk-infused Neugravity the trio consisting of vocalist/guitarist Rinko, guitarist Yuzuru, and drummer Paro always brought a sort of cinematic caper vibe

Whenever someone outside the fandom thinks of anime, visions of manly battles and perverted fan-service may pop into their heads. While the genre has its fair share of those kinds of series there's always another kind of anime that tends