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March 2016

Anime Boston 2016 has come and gone, and King Baby Duck has his buddies from Wicked Anime, 42's Anime Reviews, and IAMTHINK.com to talk about all the shenanigans! In the first part of the post-show, our host and friends rate

With Crunchyroll being the premier sponsor of Anime Boston 2016, it would be highly appropriate for them to premiere one of their latest acquisitions hitting their site this Spring. Not only are they delivering with such a premiere, they're doubling down

It's been awhile since a Darius game to hit the West, let alone North America. Up until this release, the last Darius game brought to the US was Darius Gaiden for the Sega Saturn in 1995. The PSP release of the Original Darius

Kyoto Animation can be very back-and-forth when it comes to the quality of their anime series. Sometimes it can very good, to the point of it reaching some sort of legendary status (Kanon, Clannad, season one of The Melancholy of

Anime Boston is a couple days away, and King Baby Duck is crossing his fingers that no health issues will arise like last year. A Shing02 concert opens our host's mind to what a real hip-hop show could accomplish, and

Anime Boston has made a date with the man behind the insanity known as Inferno Cop! Studio TRIGGER's Hiromi Wakabayashi will be in attendance at next weekend's convention, as he will be previewing the production company's upcoming work Space Patrol Luluco.

In 2001 Tatsunoko Productions, known for their colorful characters such as Yatterman and Gatchaman, took a bold route with the creation of The SoulTaker. It was dark, violent, and a far more mature series than what was in their usual

After celebrating the announcement of his recent favorite manga getting an anime adaptation, King Baby Duck welcomes directors Jonathan Yi and Michael Haertlein, whose film Mad Tiger follows the Japanese punk band Peelander-Z while big lineup changes occurred. Hear about how

If the realm of British comedy has taught me one thing, it's that any scenario can be ten times more hilarious if every character is a complete and utter dick. Shows like Bottom, The I.T. Crowd, and Father Ted relished on

March has come in like a lion, which means that time has come for some great artists to start roaring louder than the king of the jungle! It's our annual South By Southwest Festival show, featuring nine talented groups from Japan (and four