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ANIME BOSTON 2016 | Studio TRIGGER's Wakabayashi Previewing "Luluco"

ANIME BOSTON 2016 | Studio TRIGGER's Wakabayashi Previewing "Luluco"

Anime Boston has made a date with the man behind the insanity known as Inferno Cop!

Studio TRIGGER's Hiromi Wakabayashi will be in attendance at next weekend's convention, as he will be previewing the production company's upcoming work Space Patrol Luluco. A former member of GAINAX, Wakabayashi was part of Setting Production for Gurren Lagann, and was the co-creator, writer, & episodic director in the insanely brilliant Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. Upon joining TRIGGER, he became the Creative Producer on Kill la Kill, where he also wrote the script for episode four and directed the second ending sequence. Wakabayashi also was involved with the two Little Witch Academia films, and wrote the script for Inferno Cop.


While there is no info on when Hiromi Wakabayashi will be premiering Space Patrol Luluco, there are two "Super Secret Events" listed on Anime Boston's schedule: one on Saturday at 12:30 pm in Panel Constitution 1 at the Sheraton, and another on Sunday at 11 am in Hall D. While we cannot confirm that either of these have anything to do with it, it may be wise to keep your eyes peeled to see if one of these "Super Secret Events" is where Wakabayashi will be giving a sneak peek at TRIGGER's latest beast.

Anime Boston will be occurring on March 25-27 at the Hynes Convention Center. If you haven't preregistered yet, do so before it closes on March 20th. For more information, visit the official website.

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