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April 2016

PAX East 2016 has come and gone, and King Baby Duck has some really awesome folks from the likes of Devolver Digital, Ysbryd Games, tinyBuild, and GungHo Online Entertainment family chatting about their latest games! Grab your joysticks and a clean pair

The folks¬†behind the worlds of Dofus and Wakfu invade the B3 realm! King Baby Duck welcomes¬†Ankama's Lead Character¬†Designer¬†Kim "Tch√ī" Ettinoff,¬†the¬†Communications & Marketing Manager Pauline¬†Guillemant, and¬†the lead storyboard artist for Season Three of Wakfu Fafah Togura, as they chat about¬†the process of

Shutshimi: Seriously Swole is a real oddball of a game here, as it's a weird and random micro-game-based shoot-em-up. FINAL GRADE: [star rating="3"] Wii U review code provided by Choice Provisions

No Borders No Race is back after nearly a month-long hiatus, and congrats are in order for a certain Japanese metal band. The iconic anime FLCL returns, with King Baby Duck showing some optimism for the two new seasons. Nintendo

Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae is one cheap hack-and-slash. You could do better, but if the price is right

Eric Kelly tries a new video review series, and starts off with Enter the Gungeon, a tough rogue-like twin-stick shooter that is highly refined. FINAL GRADE: [star rating="4"] Steam review code provided by Devolver Digital

It's the final Anime Boston 2016 interview, with the Boston Bastard Brigade and the Toonami Faithful Podcast chatting with voice actor and ADR director Tony Oliver. Find out how a certain B-movie KBD discovered became the reason why Tony Oliver doesn't

Why does Telltale Games' The Walking Dead keep on reminding me that a post-apocalyptic life is one that keeps you eternally cornered? Walkers to the left, dishonest people to the right, and in the middle are the good folk that

The Boston Bastard Brigade and Anime Herald sit down with Japanese indie rock band nano.RIPE, as they share their experience performing in America for the first time at Anime Boston. Plus hear about the bands that inspired the formation of nano.RIPE,

It's another round of Three Character Island with King Baby Duck, featuring voice actors Monica Rial, Tony Oliver, and Todd Haberkorn! Ending theme: "Take It Or Leave It" by the_Stampede From their "The Stampede EP" Available on their official site