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August 2016

A few years ago, Ancient developed a game called Protect Me Knight on the Xbox 360, a simple tower defense game with some four-player co-op thrown in for good measure. Jump to 2016, and its sequel Protect Me Knight 2Ā appeared

While Higurashi is still in the process of slowly revealing its story to readers, MangaGamer has gone right ahead of that series and jumped to its follow-up, Umineko no Naku Koro Ni. (That title is a bit of a mouthful,

And thus, it has come down to this. For the past few weeks, we've been counting down to what have been the best anime since No Borders No Race's inception. Some made us laugh, others cry, and a few that

After five weeks of counting down, we've reached the pinnacle of our album selections! Who'll take the top spot? Which album best represented the finest in musical achievement in No Borders No Race's first ten years? The endĀ of the chapter is

King Baby Duck dives into Gal*Gun: Double Peace, a unique rail-shooter where, instead of killing zombies & monsters with bullets, you shoot anime high school girls with your love! What could possibly go wrong?! Opening & closing theme: "Ningen Coating" by

Great anime doesn't always have to be the most exciting, although the ones with wall-to-wall action can often be the most rewarding for the eyes. Sometimes all an anime needs is a bunch of relatable characters, a warm setting, and

If you were told you could get another crack at high school life, would you take it? Would you get through studies like a wiz, make more friends than you did in the past, join a club or two, or

Another week brings us closer towards the most important recordĀ released in No Borders No Race's lifetime.Ā King Baby Duck counts down albumĀ #40-21, which features the likes of anarchistic jazz punks, cute Japanese girls singing over death metal, the ultimate rock 'n'

It's an odd thing to go back to a series' beginnings after playing the first game in the franchise, and then return toĀ the first game in a recent trilogy. But that's exactly what happened with my time with Trails in

The anime realm has seen its fair share of protagonists and antagonists these last ten years. Sometimes a hero has to step up to the plate in order to save the world; other times all a hero has to be