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November 2016

Sometimes, you might have a game with a good idea, but by the time you release the game, it's a matter of too little too late. Such is the case of Through the Woods, which feels like a game that not only

Owlboy is a treat of an action adventure game. It borrows elements of The Legend of Zelda, but still is very much its own thing. It's also one of the most animated indie games I've seen released thus far. Believe

Magical Girl Raising Project has left me speechless on many occasions. On the surface, it looks like your average run-of-the-mill Pretty Cure/Sailor Moon kind of series. Instead, it takes a page straight out of SHAFT's book on how to take

Developer Meteorise might only have made one other game in its short existence, but they seem keen to compete with Tamsoft's own Senran Kagura. It's even weirder that their previous game was a rhythm game based on that IP. At

It came as no surprise when SEGA announced that Vocaloid idol Hatsune Miku would be coming to the virtual realm. After seeing a popular tech demo back in PlayStation VR's Project Morpheus days, it would've been foolish for them and

While the Xanadu series hasn't been localized in the West, we did at least get the Famicom adaptation of it via Faxanadu. Outside of that -- and along with most of Falcom's back catalog -- there hasn't been much activity

Psycho-Pass is a very interesting anime about a dsytopian future where people are judged on their potential to carry out crimes, rather than reactively responding to crimes. It was a pretty good show that got some attention about a year

The pride of English folk returns to One-On-One as King Baby Duck welcomes back Skinny Lister! Currently on tour to promote their third album The Devil, The Heart And The Fight, Daniel, Lorna, Max, and the rest of the gang

The Chicago Cubs finally rid themselves of their World Series curse thanks to Bill Murray, while King Baby Duck looks at the new BBC America show Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. All bets are off for best dumb anime of 2016, as

Developer Xing dissolved many years ago after good but under-performing games like Hotel Dusk, Trace Memory, Another Code R, and The Last Window: Case West failed to gain popularity and profit for the small company. It's a shame too, since they