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October 2016

Sometimes, that old adage of "The more things change, the more they stay the same," will hold true of a game series, and River City is no different. There are still old school lo-fi spritework characters running across the screen,

Recorded at this year's Another Anime Convention, King Baby Duck sits down with voice actress Leah Clark. Hear about her voice acting origins, the most fun she's had in the recording booth, and the techniques that she went through to portray

The day has arrived. After being teased with it under its Project Morpheus name back on 2014, PlayStation VR has arrived for gamers everywhere. With its $400 price tag (minus the cost of two PS Move controllers and the PS

With the recent Titus Andronicus/Happiness concert now a lovely memory, King Baby Duck takes a look at the upcoming game Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash with a large dose of excitement. Plus our host dives into the Fall 2016 anime

Anime-based video games can be very hit-or-miss. Sometimes they can blow expectations out of the water, like with Naruto's Ultimate Ninja Storm series; other times they can deliver some pretty weak adaptations, such as with the massive crossover game J-Stars

After doing his best to welcome in the tourists to his area, King Baby Duck gets excited over the news of a Babymetal cartoon being green-lit into production. A new Senran Kagura game is announced, with a teaser pic leaving

When we first discovered Skinny Lister during their Flogging Molly opening set, we had no idea the level of madness and party-worthy music they would bring to the table. Both 2013's Forge & Flagon and 2015's Down on Deptford Broadway

After performing a football-inspired song with his Tom Waits cover band, King Baby Duck gives his two cents on why anime isn't as brilliantly weird as it once was. The horror comedy film WolfCop gets a sequel, and the ending

**WARNING: THE FOLLOWING REVIEWED GAME IS INTENDED ONLY FOR PLAYERS 18 AND OLDER. READER'S DISCRETION IS ADVISED.** Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you took the material-gathering concept of Harvest Moon and laced it with some eroticism? Well today

This post contains adult material. Click here to verify your ageThis post contains adult material. Click here to verify your age

Any anime fan sometimes needs a break from the usual exciting series. After all, adrenaline does have its limits, and it can't always let the brain and eyes feast upon the likes of Food Wars, Berserk, or Mob Psycho 100.