July 2016

Great anime doesn't always have to be the most exciting, although the ones with wall-to-wall action can often be the most rewarding for the eyes. Sometimes all an anime needs is a bunch of relatable characters, a warm setting, and

If you were told you could get another crack at high school life, would you take it? Would you get through studies like a wiz, make more friends than you did in the past, join a club or two, or

Another week brings us closer towards the most important record released in No Borders No Race's lifetime. King Baby Duck counts down album #40-21, which features the likes of anarchistic jazz punks, cute Japanese girls singing over death metal, the ultimate rock 'n'

It's an odd thing to go back to a series' beginnings after playing the first game in the franchise, and then return to the first game in a recent trilogy. But that's exactly what happened with my time with Trails in

The anime realm has seen its fair share of protagonists and antagonists these last ten years. Sometimes a hero has to step up to the plate in order to save the world; other times all a hero has to be

It's been a long time since the Zero Escape series got another entry, and gamers were almost convinced that it wouldn't happen. Nevertheless, Zero Time Dilemma is here, a great game on its own that also serves as a fine follow-up

Week Three of No Borders No Race's tenth anniversary celebration continues, as King Baby Duck showcases #60-41 of the best albums of the last ten years! From Bostonian Celtic punks sounds and Swedish electronica to British garage rock and Japanese metalcore, there

With just two seasons, the Love Live! franchise and the μ's idol group spawned from it became synonymous with the perfect combination of anime and music cross-promotion. Catchy songs, strong character development, and even some surprisingly real emotion have been cornerstones

It's been awhile since I've played a lengthy visual novel, but I was finally ready to dive back into another with G-Senjou no Maou, translated as The Devil on G-String. It's a real nice pairing of classical music, drama, suspense,

These last ten years the anime realm has given us action-packed battles, slice-of-life stories viewers can relate to, surprisingly heart-wrenching character dramas, and knee-slapping hilarity. The second part of our Top 50 anime list has a whole lot of these