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Not even giant robots can stop the Bastards from recording their weekly show!

The funniest cartoon ever!

100 episodes! Time to start making up the syndication rights!

This past Friday night two of the Bastards sat down with one of the world's most enthusiastic and exciting frontmen of our generation: Damian Abraham of Fucked Up.

Still groggy from LA the King returns with Anvil and Mr. Cuse by his side.

(from left-to-right: Satoshi, Nii, Shuu and Яyo)

With huge assistance from Melissa Castor (and additional help from Lydia Michalitsianos) from Jrock Revolution King Baby Duck presents a special interview with visual kei masters girugamesh.

Ooooooh yeah, don't you dare miss this all-new episode of the Boston Bastard Brigade, or else someone's gonna put the hurt on ya!

The Bastards welcome a couple guests, who in return bring them into their world.

The Bastards this week spend zero time paying tribute to their mothers, and instead pull back in a comrade that hasn't been around much.

After taking a week off the Bastards are back to get into the swing of things...in their pants!