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The Bastards and friends put on a show so epic it took up two episodes!

King Baby Duck & Anvil bring you the least holiday-filled holiday program ever!

With Blueonic out for the week, Nenya steps in and fills his big shoes.

The Bastards are quite joyful this week, and it has nothing to do with the holidays. (That episode's in two weeks.)

After taking the week off the Bastards return refreshed and anew. Plus a lost member returns...

With the B3 crew taking a small, well-deserved break, we present another rockin' episode of No Borders No Race!

The Bastards may not be traveling to L.A., but they've got Hollywood on their minds.


Those looking for the next big band should conclude their search; the Bastards have found them. Meet Blood Red Shoes, an up-and-coming UK band that's already taken most of the world by storm.