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When the Duck's away, the other Bastards take the reins!

While the King is away on a trip (and the next episode of B3 in post-production), the Bastards would like to present a sneak preview of a (possible) upcoming side-Podcast show.

For almost a year her name has been spoken of, but no one knew if she truly existed. This week she makes her grand debut, making it the first time ever the five original Bastards are in the same episode.

The Bastards love it when a plan comes together!

After a small absence, Nenya returns to the Bastards! (And yes, the episode title does not lie!)

If Wll Forte offers you some vegetables, kindly decline them.

The Bastards are a bunch of Merrymen. Just don't ask them to wear tights.

One of these movie reviews is a fake. Guess which one, and we'll give you a coupon good for free ice cream. (Ice cream coupon not guaranteed.)