While the King is away on a trip (and the next episode of B3 in post-production), the Bastards would like to present a sneak preview of a (possible) upcoming side-Podcast show.

Since 2006 King Baby Duck and Blueonic have been hosting the J-POP/Alternative radio show No Borders No Race on 91.7 WMWM Salem. However with time constraints due to work inside and outside of B3 the duo haven't been able to do the radio show for a few weeks. That is why they are considering doing another Podcast show to keep supporting musical artists from Japan, America, Canada, UK, Scandinavia and the rest of the world.

Here's a special sneak preview of the show. The playlist is as followed (with links to preview & purchase the albums):

  1. the pillows - Melody (from OOParts)
  2. GO!GO!7188 - Chikyuu Saigo no hi (from Antenna)
  3. Suneohair - Aimokawarazu (from SUN!NEO!AIR!)
  4. Ketchup mania - Pink Water (from F.L.A.G.)
  5. Turbonegro - Wipe It Til It Bleeds (from Scandinavian Leather)
  6. detroit7 - Down Beat (from Black & White)
  7. Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Smokin' Billy (from Gear Blues)
  9. Hunter Valentine - Break This (from The Impatient Romantic)
  10. chatmonchy - CAT WALK (from Kokuhaku)
  11. THE CHERRY COKE$ - Graceful Harvest (from Rouse Up)
  12. PUFFY - I Don't Wanna (from Bring it!)
  13. Detroit Metal City - Fuckingham Kyuuden (from Makai yuugi ~for the movie~)
  14. Molice - Into You (from Catalystrock)
  15. FLiP - Bad Communication (from Kanshou Chuudoku)
  16. Nujabes - Luv (sic.) pt3 feat. Shing02 (from modal soul)

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