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Should old acquaintance be forgot, and blah blah blah blah blah!

When the Bastards are singing, you know you're in for an interesting show!

The Cliks Interview 1

In a special bonus Podcast episode, King Baby Duck and Nenya chat with indie rock band the Cliks.

The Bastards would like to point out that they do not condone drug use.  They do, however, think it helps Nicholas Cage make his characters more interesting.

Come with the Bastards now on a journey through time, space and dirty sexual innuendo.

What happens when four guys and three girls press the Record button in an underground intimate area?  Nothing dirty at all.  Perverts!

A.D.D. will happen when a certain cat-girl is in the room!

Two of the Bastards wore kilts during the recording of this episode.  Guess who it is and win absolutely nothing!