January 2010


The infamous Mercenary Duo are back to take names and kick ass in Shanghai!!!!!!

With games sometimes being on the more expensive side, it's sometimes good to look at some inexpensive WiiWare games people can download for a low price. This week we'll look at Excitebike: World Rally.

The Bastards are no fallen angels, but they're nice guys once you get to know them.


Yes, Wanted: Weapons of Fate. An awesome game, and I do have one question for you:

Since the beginning of time, man has had the trouble of having to choose between playing video games or exercising. Thanks to Wii Fit Plus, the world can now have their cake and sweat it off!

Food for fatness banner

This week Blueonic, King Baby Duck and Anvil went to the Five Guys restaurant chain. Here now are perspectives of the restaurant from all three of them.

The Bastards pile up the games, sports and movies on this week's program!

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Okay I'm going off the list from Game Stop here, but there are five games out of the nine that really appealed to me as ones that, if I had the money, I would buy.

Rayman has been kicked to the curb in the recent game in the "Raving Rabbids" series, and thus far the furry little bastards appear to be capable of holding a game on their own.


I have just gotten the game PURE, and I have to say I'm impressed with the set up they give you.