February 2010

For over ten years Japan's Stance Punks have gathered a big following, and for good reason: their sound blends the past, the present and the future of the punk world. The World Is Mine -- their sixth and most recent full-length album -- is not just a reminder of why Tsuru and company are the best in the industry; it's a rally cry for our generation.

Just a quick update on Team USA and their win against Team Canada this past Sunday.

Count how many times the Bastards say "fucked up" in this episode, and win yourselves a big Internet hug!

I'm back and I'm hotter than ever. With the Bruins hibernating for the next two weeks and Olympic Glory in the air, let's switch gears and talk about the goings on in Vancouver, shall we?

Wii owners in America should feel blessed to receive Tatsunoko VS Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars. When a game comes out with characters that aren't really known outside of Japan some may call it a gamble, no, taking a leap off of a cliff using a tricycle. Here both Capcom and Tatsunoko strap a jet pack to the trike and soar higher than any fighting game has, and then safely make a perfect landing.

The Bastard crew are still recovering from Super Bowl week, but still managed to put together a fun and interesting program for you all to hear.

I love The Simpsons. I've seen every episode of it. I also enjoyed their video games, from Virtual Bart to Road Rage. The recent Simpsons game (dubbed The Simpsons Game) has probably the biggest laughs out of all of them. The only problem is you'll have to play the game to find the funny.

the_Stampede album cover

The Boston Bastard Brigade would like to present you with the first of (hopefully) many free live albums.