With the B3 crew taking a small, well-deserved break, we present another rockin' episode of No Borders No Race!

King Baby Duck spins for you a fine dose of rock, pop, punk and alternative music from Japan, America, the UK and other parts of the globe. What do we have in store this time? Check the playlist below:

  1. Shonen Knife - Perfect Freedom (from the album Free Time)
  2. Doping Panda - Always away (from the EP High Brid)
  3. The Broken Broadcast - We're Just Waiting... (from the single Strawberry Jam/We're Still Waiting...)
  4. Ellegarden - 45 (from the album Don't Trust Anyone But Us)
  5. LAZYgunsBRISKY - Navy Star (from the album 26 Times)
  6. Ben Harper & Relentless7 - Up To You Now (from the album White Lies For Dark Times)
  7. FLiP - It's a lie (from the EPĀ Kanshou Chuudoku)
  8. Hikaru Utada - Flavor Of Life (from the album Heart Station)
  9. Cut Copy - Lights And Music (from the album In Ghost Colours)
  10. Gagaga SP - Hitotsudake Ikerukoto (from the album Gagaga to Hibiku Kobe no Machi)
  11. The Ricecookers - Chain (from the EP 1st Blood)
  12. Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band - Mad Squirrel March (from the album Reign of Revelry)
  13. Triceratops - COMIC HEROES (from the album Made In Love)
  14. The High-Lows - Tsumi to Batsu (from the album FLASH ~BEST~)
  15. The Go! Team - T.O.R.N.A.D.O. (from the album Rolling Blackouts)

The Boston Bastard Brigade kindly encourages you to support these artists, and buy their songs/album. You can find the majority of these releases on JapanFiles, CDJapan.co.jp, Amazon.com, iTunes, the bands' official websites and (in some cases) at your local record stores.

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