(from left-to-right: Satoshi, Nii, Shuu and Яyo)

With huge assistance from Melissa Castor (and additional help from Lydia Michalitsianos) from Jrock Revolution King Baby Duck presents a special interview with visual kei masters girugamesh.

In the interviews band members Satoshi, Nii, Shuu and Яyo reveal candidly about their past and origins, and share their thoughts on the overall outlook of visual kei music in Japan and the rest of the world. Plus find out which band member you should never give fireworks to, who they would like to tour with in the near-future and the work behind their recent charity single "Pray." Of course no music-related interview would not be complete without a trip to Three Album Island!

It's all right here in another episode of Two-On-One: girugamesh. (Jrock Revolution's transcript can be found here.)

Special thanks to girugamesh, their management, Anime Boston, Mari Morimoto and Melissa & Lydia from Jrock Revolution for making this episode happen!

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