June 2011

Puzzle games need a sort of uniqueness that keeps it standing out from all the other titles out there. The developers at Zoe Mode seemed to have taken that knowledge to heart with the 3DS title Crush 3D, a port of the underappreciated PSP title that takes advantage of Nintendo's handheld peripheral and gives an interesting twist on the world of side-scrollers. At E3 this year I had the chance to go hands-on with the title, leaving me giving more respect to the less-than-ordinary puzzle genre.

The funniest cartoon ever!

100 episodes! Time to start making up the syndication rights!

The complete adventures of CommanderVideo are coming to a retail store nearest you, and he's bringing a bunch of goodies for its fanbase.

This past Friday night two of the Bastards sat down with one of the world's most enthusiastic and exciting frontmen of our generation: Damian Abraham of Fucked Up.

Back in March I had the pleasure of checking out two of the latest creations from the hilarious minds at Twisted Pixel: The Gunstringer and Ms. 'Splosion Man. At the time the early looks at the games looked very promising, with Ms. 'Splosion Man seeming to one-up its predecessor in both the humor and gameplay aspects and The Gunstringer showcasing how to properly do a Kinect title. Months later at E3 I had the chance to get more hands-on with both titles, and from the looks of what I witnessed we are in for two more hilarious and fun titles.

Since getting first-wind of it in mid-2010 I have been excited about Catherine. Combining puzzle elements with some dating-sim decisions the game has become something of a morality tester for those who have been playing it over in Japan. Earlier this year my heart broke when Atlus said it wouldn't be bringing it to America, though it seemed that they were merely playing with my emotions as a release date had been announced for Summer 2011 (July 26, specifically). At E3 this year I got heart-on with Catherine, and discovered the dangers of being a man in lust.

Tiger Woods had been an unstoppable force and beloved by all, and was poised to break Jack Nicklaus's record of 18  Major Championships. Tiger then went south due to his erroneous behavior, bad golf etiquette, and injuries. We needed another player to step up to the challenge and become the new face of golf.

It was hard to not notice it while walking into the THQ booth at E3 this year. Ultimate Fighting Championship is one of the company's biggest sports properties, and for good reason. Its Undisputed series has featured some of the best fighting gameplay, and the amount of detail that is placed into the games has been nothing short of amazing. Both the UFC and THQ are looking to do it once again this and next year with two new titles: UFC Personal Trainer and the much-anticipated UFC Undisputed 3.

Still groggy from LA the King returns with Anvil and Mr. Cuse by his side.