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June 2011

The first game I went hands-on with at the official start of E3 was PAYDAY: The Heist, a PSN and PC title from Overkill Software that lets players attempt bank robberies, take hostages, blow up vaults and escape from the fuzz before they either kill or arrest you. I wasn't expecting anything too extraordinary when I first grabbed the controller, but after the 30-minute demo I was just about sold on this title.

The Dallas Mavericks are going back to the NBA finals for the first time since 2006!  They hope for a better result than five years ago, and frankly I can't blame them.  In 2006 they were up 2 games to 0 and seemingly poised to win their first NBA title when disaster struck.  They proceeded to lose 4 games in a row to the Miami Heat (the team they will play again in this years finals.)  Dwayne Wade scored 42 points and Dallas blew a 13 point lead with 6 minutes to go.  Dallas's phenom center Dirk Nowitzki actually had a chance to tie the game with a little over 3 seconds to play but uncharacteristically missed 1 of 2 free throws.  Dallas never recovered from that painful loss and lost the next 3 games.

While many eyes were focused on Batman: Arkham City another Caped Crusader-based title was showing its big guns at the Warner Bros. booth. Gotham City Impostors, an upcoming PSN/XBLA release, takes a mixture of ideas from Detective Comics, The Dark Knight film and some original pizazz that made this multiplayer demo at E3 one fun experience.

It’s been a long time coming, but Twisted Metal is back, and this time it’s as nasty and raw as it wants to be.

As we left the Nintendo presser there were booths set up outside for audience members to try out some of their upcoming 3DS titles. Before the doors officially opened at E3 I was able to get my hands on two of those titles: Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Mario Kart 3DS.

(from left-to-right: Satoshi, Nii, Shuu and Яyo)

With huge assistance from Melissa Castor (and additional help from Lydia Michalitsianos) from Jrock Revolution King Baby Duck presents a special interview with visual kei masters girugamesh.

Sony has announced its successor to the PSP, and from the looks of things it could have a chance at stealing Nintendo's handheld crown.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is a whole different ballgame compared to PAX East. This is where the Big Three (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft) showcase their next lead hitters, along with developers showing off what they have under their sleeves for the next year. What can be anticipated at this year's E3 event?

Going into this, I really did not have a positive attitude.  Few of these PopCap-like games actually hold my attention.  There are the random few that stand out, but the replay value is always short.  Peggle is good for a play-through or two, but unless you want to ask friends to play then you are out of luck. (I always equate asking someone to play Peggle, which is like asking them to watch porn with you.) World of Goo was amazing, but I cannot be bothered to get all the OCD achievements. So it originally did not look good for Dwarfs?!.