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Teg chats with the Taitale Studios's CEO Lead Game Developer of one of the most anticipated MMO games coming out this year.

Recorded once upon a midnight dreary, while Bastards pondered weak and weary...

After spending last weekend at two conventions, the Bastards reconvene for an all-new episode.

The Bastards are given a walkthrough of the first bits of the upcoming free-to-play title Firefall from Red 5.

Blueonic sits down with the two minds that brought the visual and written aspects of 2K Games and Yager Development's upcoming shooter Spec Ops: The Line.

The Bastards take you onto the floor at PAX East with some of the biggest and newest stars of the gaming development world!

The King of Musical Geekdom takes a visit to the Land of ESH...

With PAX East and Anime Boston a couple days away the Bastards get their final gear together before embarking on their amazing journeys.

Before their upcoming gig at PAX East King Baby Duck and ESH's Pandalicious had a chance to sit down with local Square-Enix cover band The World Is Square.