December 2012

Anime fans and Xbox 360 owners got themselves an early Christmas (or late Hanukkah, depending on your religious affiliation) present last week when the free Crunchyroll app was launched, just under five months after PS3 owners were given their own. Just as when the PS3 version was launched, I offer up five new suggestions to check out once you download the app:

It's a two-part best of 2012 bonanza, and the Bastards invite a few good friends to chime in what's gold and what's shit!

Since releasing Dirty King back in 2009 The Cliks' lead singer Lucas Silveria has been to Hell and back. Changes that range from band members up and quitting to his own internal battles with his identity have not just affected The Cliks lyrically, but also musically. This coming March their third album Black Tie Elevator will hit stores everywhere, giving every listener a front-row seat to the battles, the stories, and the victories of Lucas and company.

It's the first-ever full-fledged Christmas special from the Boston Bastard Brigade, with special guests!

It's been over a decade since we've had a Mario title released with the launch of a new console (and yes, I am in the minority that counts Gamecube's Luigi's Mansion as a Mario launch title). With New Super Mario Bros. U the Brooklyn plumber takes his adventures into the realm of HD for the first time, with beautiful results to boot.

Our favorite Vagabond shows up on this week's B3 episode!

My heart was racing as I searched the dark hallways of Buckingham Palace, making damn sure that there were no zombies in my vicinity. Ammo was low, but I had to keep it in my stock in case I desperately needed it. As my health bar began to blink I realized I needed to snack on something. Quickly I brought up BOB (Bug-Out Bag), and began to search through my stock of food and necessities. That's when the swarm came, and quickly I got to my feet as they began to attack me. I tried swinging my cricket bat as much as I could, but it was too much for one man to handle. Letting out a scream I was engulfed by pale arms and rotting teeth, and I became one of them.

Welcome to ZombiU, the scariest game you'll play this year.