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Xbox 360 Gets Its Own Crunchyroll App (Plus Five NEW Anime Recommendations)

Xbox 360 Gets Its Own Crunchyroll App (Plus Five NEW Anime Recommendations)

Anime fans and Xbox 360 owners got themselves an early Christmas (or late Hanukkah, depending on your religious affiliation) present last week when the free Crunchyroll app was launched, just under five months after PS3 owners were given their own. Just as when the PS3 version was launched, I offer up five new suggestions to check out once you download the app:


Have you ever watched an anime comedy series and said to yourself, Sure this is great, but where are all the dick and fart jokes? Wonder no more, as Gintama as plenty of them, and then some! Taking place in an alternate Edo period -- where 21st century technology thrives and the nation of Japan is filled with strange and wacky aliens -- this series follows the misadventures of three odd-jobs who seek to earn whatever the heck they can in the easiest way possible. However, in a usual twist, almost every job they choose to do involves criminal activity, insane tactics, and sometimes a weird guy who dresses up like a giant duck/bird thing. Gintama can be considered Japan's answer to South Park, not just because the show isn't afraid to push boundaries, but also because it has the tendency to generate controversy of its own. Some of the Japanese jokes may go over your head -- and the more serious episodes may crawl at a slow pace -- but roughly 87% of the time you can easily find something in Gintama that will easily make you keel over from laughing. You might find yourself marathoning a few episodes before you know it!

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