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Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome! Im Boston Saukerl Mannschaft, au Brigade Bâtard Boston, to Boston Bastard Brigade!

Blueonic & King Baby Duck present a cross-exmaination of both versions of the new downloadable game Shank.

First things first: I loved the first Mafia game. Second I have been waiting a long time for this sequel to come out (I believe I found out about it back in 2007, so I was wondering why it took so long to get to this point.) But it's finally here, yet it seemed that 2K Games wasn't giving people the chance to really play the game before its release date. When the King and I were at the PAX East we were lucky to play the game, but of course we got screwed because it was at the end of the day of the convention, so we got kicked out before we could finish the demo.

The Bastards break the world record for "Most A.D.D. Moments In A Podcast Episode."

A question for Apocalyptica intended as a joke results in an answer that no one expected.

Well here we go again with the crazed assholes that you hate to love.

Oh, how the Itis fails to keep a Bastard from speaking one's mind.

Don't worry: you're safe from any evil ex-boyfriends when the Bastards are around.